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As one of our best customers, we value your opinion — especially when it comes to us! That’s why we created Something Extra Try-It. It’s a place where we can share the best products and services available at Raley’s with you, and you can share your opinions with us (and pass them on to your friends, too).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will I do as a Try-It member?

You’ll get invited to participate in Something Extra Try-It programs, opportunities to try great products and services available at Raley’s (for free) and share your opinions about them with us and the people you know. Try it, share it, help us make it the best it can be! It’s really that simple.

What do I get for being a member?

In addition to the chance to try products and services for free (and score great stuff to share with friends), you’ll also get the unique opportunity to help improve Raley’s overall shopping experience, by sharing your thoughts on everything from the products we sell to the services and rewards we offer.

Is Try-It only for members of Something Extra?

Yes, Something Extra Try-It is a benefit reserved exclusively for our most savvy shoppers. But don’t worry, if you’re not already a Something Extra member, you can be. Get rewarded>>

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